Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for the use of online services on the
INDUSTRY Business Network® B2B portals of MicroStep CDM s.r.o.

1. General

1. The company MicroStep CDM s.r.o. – Registered Office in Slovakia, J.M.Hurbana 333/2, 906 13, Brezová pod Bradlom (European Union) , Trade Registry number HRN 18698/R, VAT number SK2020375676 – is the operator of the INDUSTRY Business Network® of B2B portals for industry.

2. Use of the INDUSTRY Business Network® of B2B portals at http://www.industry-business-network.com takes place online via our customer’s own IT system insofar as nothing to the contrary has been stipulated. For this purpose, customers require their own connection and hardware and software including access to our B2B websites via the Internet and need to provide the above at their own expense.

3. Some of the individual online services and types of use of our B2B websites are still under development and are being released on a gradual basis. We will keep you informed of the current respective status of functionalities on our websites and via the user tours they contain. Our customers only have the right to use agreed services.

4. MicroStep CDM s.r.o. does not charge any fees for registration on the INDUSTRY Business Network® B2B portals. In addition to registering free of charge, registered users may also order online services for which a charge is made such as a business package or advertising. Prices for such services are stated in the current price list to be found on our Internet pages.

5. In using our B2B portals you recognise the present General Terms and Conditions for the use of online services on the INDUSTRY Business Network® B2B portals operated by MicroStep CDM s.r.o.

6. When registering a company on the INDUSTRY Business Network® B2B portals, users are required to provide complete and true information on the registration form in respect of company and contact data, Trade Registry number and tax number or VAT number. P.O. boxes or addresses of office service providers are not permitted. Strictly one registration per company and Registered Office is allowed.

7. MicroStep CDM s.r.o. reserves the right to refuse a company or user registration or to block the account of a company or user already registered at any time and without prior notice. This will particularly be the case in circumstances where MicroStep CDM s.r.o. receives knowledge that the identity of a user has been intentionally incorrectly stated or where a user can no longer be contacted via the details provided. Simple notification via e-mail by MicroStep CDM s.r.o. shall suffice. In such a case, absolutely no reimbursement either in whole or in part shall be made by MicroStep CDM s.r.o. in respect of any online services a customer has ordered for which a charge is made such as a business package or advertising. We further reserve the right to instigate legal action or assert a claim for compensation.

2. Data protection

1. MicroStep CDM s.r.o. takes the protection of your personal data extremely seriously and adheres strictly to the rules stated within national data protection laws and within the data protection provisions of the European Union. Personal data is only collected on the INDUSTRY Business Network® B2B portals within the technical scope required for the purposes of the use agreement.

2. Personal data which you voluntarily provide to MicroStep CDM s.r.o. in its capacity as operator and within the scope of the use of our portals – such as, for example, data for the ordering of a newsletter, for the design of your corporate profile, for the publication of offers or for further B2B activities, is only collected, processed and used to the extent required for the execution of our services and for the provision of technical support in accordance with the principle of purpose-related use of data.

3. Personal data is not passed on to third parties without your express agreement insofar as such a transfer of data is not required for the provision of services or for the purpose of reliable processing of order data by our regional support and contractual partners within the scope of the use agreement. Personal data is not passed onto address brokers in any circumstances. Transmission of data to state institutions and authorities entitled to receive such information only takes place in accordance with statutory duties of disclosure or in circumstances where a decision in a court of law requires us to disclose such information.

4. We also take internal company data protection extremely seriously. We require our employees and the service companies engaged by us to commit to maintaining secrecy and to complying with statutory data protection regulations.

5. Registration on our INDUSTRY Business Network® B2B portals or the mere use of our websites and online services is deemed to constitute agreement with the General Terms and Conditions of MicroStep CDM s.r.o. and entitles MicroStep CDM s.r.o. and its support and contractual partners to store and use your data. Should you not be in agreement with this, decline registration and/or do not use our INDUSTRY Business Network® B2B portals.

6. Our websites make use of so-called cookies in several areas. The purpose of these cookies is to make our provision more user-friendly, more effective and more secure. Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer and saved in your browser. Most of the cookies we use are so-called “session cookies”. Such session cookies are automatically deleted at the end of your visit to the site. Cookies do not cause any damage to your computer and do not contain any viruses. You may, of course, visit our website without using cookies. If you do not wish for us to be able to recognise your computer on a subsequent visit, you may prevent the storing of cookies by choosing the option “Block cookies” in your browser settings. Please see the instructions of your browser manufacturer for detailed information on how to do this. If you do not accept cookies, this may, however, lead to restrictions in the functionalities of our services. You may prevent the installation of cookies by applying the relevant settings within your Internet browser. In order to do so, you will need to switch off the storing of cookies in your browser. For more detailed information, please see the instructions for your Internet browser.

7. Our websites make use of Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by Google inc. Google
Analytics uses so-called “cookies”. Cookies are text files which are saved on your computer and permit the analysis of your use of the website. Examples of information recorded include information on the operating system, browser, your IP address, the website you previously accessed (referrer URL) and the date and time of your visit to our website. The information on the use of our website generated by this text file is transmitted to a Google server where it is saved. Google will use this information to evaluate your use of our website, to collate reports on website activity for website operators and to provide furtehr services in connection with use of the website and use of the Internet. Insofar as statutorily required or in circumstances where Google has engaged the services of third parties to process this data, Google will also pass on this information to such third parties. This use takes place in anonymised or pseudonymous form. For more information, please visit Google directly at http://www.google.com/intl/en/privacypolicy.html

8. MicroStep CDM s.r.o. or its support and contractual partners use contact details or e-mail addresses provided to us for internal purposes or for the purpose of sending you information. Receipt of e-mail addresses and contact details via third parties cannot be excluded. If you wish to enter into e-mail contact with MicroStep CDM s.r.o. or its support and contractual partners, we wish to draw your attention to the fcat that no guarantee can be given in respect of the confidentiality of information transmitted. Communication via e-mail carries the risk of gaps in security. E‐mails may be intercepted and viewed by sophisticated Internet users on their route to the staff of MicroStep CDM s.r.o. or its support and contractual partners. This enables third parties to view the content of e-mails. For this reason, we recommend that you send us confidential information by post. If MicroStep CDM s.r.o. or its support and contractual partners receive an e-mail from you, the assumption will be that we are entitled to respond by e-mail. We would otherwise request you to consider using a different form of communication. MicroStep CDM s.r.o. is further entitled to send you system messages in e-mail form at any time in order to notify you of important information. MicroStep CDM s.r.o. uses an automated process with no human involvement to generate such e-mails and send them to registered users.

9. You have the right to receive information free of charge on the personal data held on you at any time and the same right in respect of alteration or deletion of personal data. You also enjoy the same right with regard to the withdrawal of any future agreement given to collect personal data, such as in connection with subscription to a newsletter. Insofar as you are a registered user of our online services and the withdrawal of your agreement affects personal data necessary for the fulfilment of the underlying contractual agreement, said contractual agreement will end when intention to withdraw permission becomes effective. You may contact the MicroStep CDM s.r.o. data protection representative at any time if you have any questions regarding the processing or use of your personal data. Please use the contact address stated in the imprint.

10. Please note that data protection provisions and ways of dealing with data protection issues may be subject to change on an ongoing basis. For this reason, it is both advisable and necessary to keep up to date with any changes to statutory stipulations.

3. Liability

1. Access to our websites may be interrupted or delayed for technical or other reasons which are not our fault. MicroStep CDM s.r.o. can, therefore, accept no liability for error-free availability and uninterrupted use of the INDUSTRY Business Network® B2B portals and online services.

2. MicroStep CDM s.r.o. is not in a position to monitor the individual contents, entries and information provided by registered users on our INDUSTRY Business Network® B2B portals and is under no obligation so to do. For this reason, MicroStep CDM s.r.o. can accept no guarantee for the contents on its websites nor for the current validity, completeness and correctness of data and information. Neither can MicroStep CDM s.r.o. accept any liability for the contents and assurances of offers, products and properties of products published by registered users nor any liability for advertising or other promises and assurances. Notwithstanding this, we wish to draw your attention to the fact that we monitor contents and entries made by users on a random basis and reserve the right to edit or delete such contents as we consider inappropriate without giving prior notice.

3. The inclusion of hyperlinks on our websites enables all visitors to access third-party services in a targeted manner. Any third-party content is outside our sphere of influence. For this reason, we can accept no guarantee in respect of the correctness and legitimacy of content provided. Neither is it possible for us constantly to monitor the legitimacy of the services of third parties to which links are provided on our websites. Notwithstanding this, we will remove any links without delay if information reaches us of illegal content.

4. The registered user bears sole responsibility for all text, video, audio and picture material and for other content or entries said user makes available on our INDUSTRY Business Network® B2B portals. This shall particularly apply in respect of intellectual property rights and copyright. Users further commit that they shall not upload or publish to the websites any discriminatory, obscene, libellous or insulting content or any contents which are in breach of the law or which infringe the rights of third parties.

4. Registered brands

1. The brands MicroStep CDM, INDUSTRY Business Network®, MicroStep Group®, MicroStep CDM® and
MicroStep Europa® are registered trademarks and are subject to legal protection. Any use, reproduction or further use is strictly prohibited without our written permission.

5. Other provisions

1. MicroStep CDM s.r.o. reserves the right at any time to amend, supplement or delete parts of your websites, the contents of said websites and your offers without giving prior notice. MicroStep CDM s.r.o. further reserves the right to suspend publication temporarily or permanently.

2. MicroStep CDM s.r.o. further reserves the express right to commission the services of other companies in fulfilling its obligations and in asserting its rights in respect of all contractual relations based on the present General Terms and Conditions.

6. Applicable law/place of jurisdiction

1. Place of fulfilment and place of jurisdiction is the location of the Registered Office of MicroStep CDM s.r.o.

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