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MicroStep Industry® Market

MicroStep Industry® Market offers you the following modules completely free of charge:

Make money with used machines

You have a used lathe or used welding gear? On MicroStep Industry you can convert your used machines and units into money or look for used equipment from other members.

Buy and sell utility vehicles free of commission

Here you can find a wide range of utility vehicles and sell as many as you want free of commission.

Industrial real estates – selling, renting, leasing

Make additional money by selling, leasing or renting empty premises or estates, or find for example new production sites and storage halls.

Job offers for the metal industry

You would like to extend your staff? Then write a job offer which suits your requirements and find the perfect employee for your special field.

The best online shops of the metal industry

Instead of searching the internet for a long time, you can find online jobs of the industry here, listed by branch, category and rating.


No matter whether development, production, business representation or joint venture. On MicroStep Industry® you will always find the right partner to co-operate with.

Market place

The market place offers you a platform on which you can sell articles and products of the metal industry (either new or used) and thus reduce your stock with profits.

Additionally, users have even more possibilities to present their company and their own products.


Acquire new customers for your products

Introduce your most important products with pictures and videos and directly link them to your catalog to present your whole product range to your customers.

Present your catalogs online

Why not showing your catalogs in your company profile on the Internet? We digitalize all your PDF brochures and catalogs, so your products can be found more easily by potential customers via full-text search.

Your company profile

In your company profile, you have the possibility to describe your company in detail. You can address the formation of your company, your location, your structure and other important facts.

Photo- and videogallery

Provide your visitors an insight into your company by showing photos and videos. 

Your contacts

List the most important contact persons of your company.


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